5 Acrylic Painting Techniques For Beginners

If you are a painter, you can bear witness that acrylic painting is among the easy channels for any beginner. First, you can get the paints at an affordable price, the paints are straightforward to mix and they dry fast. Acrylics are suitable for many materials and they allow you to paint all things from leather to canvas. You can easily repair the damage in the event you make a mistake. Apart from that, this paint offers a smooth finish after drying and it is water-resistant. 

If you are a beginner and wondering how you can do it better than your friends, here are some tips that will help you to paint like a pro.

Be cautious when blending

Mixing the colors that you have is the best way to increase the palette and make a very evocative landscape on the canvas.  But you need to do the right blending. Mixing very fast will result in bubbles in the paint. The bubbles can pop up on the canvas and dry. This is not the effect you need as it will give you something that unattractive. Therefore, the first rule is to be careful when doing the blending.

Work fast

Unlike other paint types, acrylics dry quickly. If you plan to paint in stripes, you will benefit from this aspect. However, the short period can be daunting especially since you are a beginner. The acrylics get less responsive when you spend much time repainting one area. If you feel like you cannot work fast, try using an acrylic retarder such as Drying Retarder from Matisse. 

Make opaque colors minus channel

You can change any shade into an opaque shade you mix them thickly using titanium white.  As a result, you will have a transparent or opaque color that you want. Do not add water to the solution but leave it thick with only the titanium white and color that you prefer. But if you want a watercolor, consider thinning it up a bit using some water.

Pick your brushes and paint

In case you are a painting newbie, it is vital to have every material that is required so you can start. Acrylics are affordable to purchase. We suggest you have some of the color ranges in your store. Synthetic brushes are recommended since they support acrylic paint much more as compared to natural fibers. Buy different sizes and shapes of brushes so you can try them out and see which one is good for you. Use the one that gives you the effects you desire. 

Learn from experts

The best thing you can do as a beginner is to learn some painting secrets from the experts. This doesn’t mean that you copy everything. It means learning the processes they use. You don’t need to go to class to learn their tricks. You can use YouTube videos to see how they do it and perhaps do it better than them.


Acrylic painting is the best form of art for any beginner. It dries fast and the paint is affordable. Ensure you get the right materials for your painting tasks.